Patrick Jane and Agent Cho

For some reason I am all about writing posts about my man-crushes... hmm...

It is okay though, because Dani also has a crush on him. So I feel no shame for admitting that perhaps the most debonair man on Television these days is the star of CBS' The Mentalist. If you haven't seen the show, I would recommend it. It combines the greatest kinds of detective novels with Mr. Darcy at his best. He is House, but not into trashy women, and much less cynical. No sex or swearing. Just wit, charm, and great reads on the different types of people.

Before I go any further, let me clarify one important thing: this, at its best, is nothing more than mental morphine. Mind candy/popcorn. If you want something with a little more substance I would refer you to Shakespeare's 116th Sonnet.

Compared to all the other trash (Oprah's show when it doesn't feature U2...) that people fill their schedules watching (/worshiping...*see the post beneath this one...), this show is good, clean, and funny.

I do warn you, that when it is a Red John episode, watch with your sweetheart. They get dark, just because of the subject material.

Which leads me to the premise of the show. Patrick Jane is a "psychic," who went on a national show and said some things about a serial killer (Red John). When he came home that night, there was a note on his door that said "If you are psychic, you won't need to open this to see what I have done to your wife and child." Dark, I know. Jane wakes up from the world of riches to help CBI, like the FBI for California, catch Red John, and solve other murder mysteries in the process. THIS SHOW IS HILARIOUS! The characters are lovable: especially Jane and Cho. "There's no business like Cho business!" This was the line that left Dani and i laughing hysterically on our one year anniversary.


  1. OH NO YOU DIDN'T....


    i was just starting to like you, tim.

  2. Have you seen this show Aubry?

  3. Before I even KNEW what aubry's comment was about, I knew what it was about.

    Listen, aubs, he's a guy...can you just cut him a little slack? I mean, wouldn't it be super weird if it DID like oprah?

  4. Tim, oh ye of little faith.
    1. I may or may not have only gotten 4 hours of sleep the night before we flew back to Florida because I kept saying, "Ok, this is the last episode I'm going to watch. Well, maybe just one more."
    2. I may or may not have been having dreams about Patrick Jane (oops, I mean Simon Baker--oh, no, I really mean Patrick Jane--AHHH!) this entire week. Shh, don't tell Adam!
    3. I may or may not be completely obsessed with getting my hands on seasons 1 and 2 and watching them all in one day.
    4. I may or may not have been meaning to post a thank you on your fb wall for introducing me to that show, I just hadn't gotten around to it yet.

    That's all.


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