2 New Things...Okay, Maybe More Than Two.

1. Tim and I scheduled our trip to Nashville!  Tickets are SO EXPENSIVE.  We tried to apply for a Southwest credit card, but I think we're too poor.  Too bad.  I am so excited to go visit and see what it's like.  We will be there the 7th through the 10th of April for an orientation weekend at Vanderbilt.  We still haven't decided for sure on where we'll be, but I'm pretty sure that's where we'll end up.  We still have two schools to hear back from, and we got accepted to Notre Dame as well, but I'm thinking we'll get waitlisted everywhere else.  So: we'll see what happens.  In the meantime, I can't wait to get out of Utah!

2. Our summer is officially planned as well! (Feels so good to have things planned....) Well, let me take that back.  There are still a lot of things that we have no idea when/how they are going to happen, like: finding a place to live for law school, paying for law school, and not starving to death because we are so poor.  But, you know, we have all of our expensive vacations planned.  (That is why we will probably be starving to death in August...if you have any breadcrusts or leftovers, please mail them to us.) We wanted to make sure we got to spend time with our peeps before we left.  Now until June is our local friends time, where we try to hang out with as many of you as possible that are still in the area.  June is our local family time, and also the last month of my employment!  Sad but exciting at the same time--it means we're one step closer to law school.  July is our traveling month, so for those of you who live out of state, that's when we'll be coming!  We got all the dates settled and we are ready to vacation.

3. (See? I told you it would be more than 2 things.) I, Danielle Marcela Stratford, have signed up for *gasp!* a 5-K.  I know, I know!  Me, running a 5-K? Who are we kidding? I'll probably be walking.  Nevertheless, Tim and some of his siblings have signed up for a half marathon, and I figured there is NO WAY I am signing up for that, but a 5-K doesn't look too bad in comparison.  3 measly miles?  As my sister-in-law pointed out to me (well-intentionedly), "Dani, even obese people do 5-K's."  Great.  Now it will look even more pathetic when I come huffing and puffing across the finish line, AFTER them.  But all jokes aside, I am excited about it.  I've never done a 5-K before, and I'm happy that the warmer weather is coming so that I can start dying training outside.

4. Tim is in the middle of writing a 30-page capstone paper for Comparative Literature.  I am soooo glad he  has to do that, and not me.  He is so good at writing papers, and I'm sure he'll knock this one out of the park.  BUT if you're trying to get ahold of him, I would recommend waiting until...oh, say early May.

5. I just found out that I am going to get to visit Steph & Mark in Kirksville, MO on our way out to law school! You have no idea how excited I am.  I haven't seen her for a year.  Or maybe longer.  And that's probably the longest I've gone without seeing her since we were kids before we even knew we were cousins.  Anyway, it will also be after their sweet baby is born, so I'll get to see her/him/the twins* too!

*Stephanie thinks she deserves the courtesy of acknowledging that there MAY be twin babies in her uterus**, even though the rest of the known world does not.
**Also, one of the funniest stories I have heard about Mark was from when they were just barely engaged, and were trying to decide what birth control to use.  In the midst of that discussion, Mark busted out this line to remind Stephanie that he deserved to give input as well: "Remember, Stephanie, it's the Uter-US, not the Uter-YOU."

And that is all of our news!  Yay!


  1. Bahahahhha! And WHAT???!!?!?!?!?!?!?!????!!! 5K!??!?!?!???!!!!!??? Are you kidding me? Where was this psycho running side of you when Hana and I were around!????? I'm not happy about this. But a little bit, because that means that maybe someday you WILL run a half marathon, and then maybe we (cousins) will all do it TOGETHER! Ok, keep it up, cowgirl.

    Tim: good luck. With life.

  2. Jarom and I should totally come with you on your trip to Nashville. That's where He served his mission and I'd love to see it....Just saying :) If you'd like some company let me know eh??? I'm hoping I get to see you before you wander away. Love you Friend!!!!!

  3. crap! i want Brooke to reschedule my bridal shower so that you can commmeeeee. so you won't be back til the tenth of April?? But how fun, your life is taking off...! lovesss i am reeeAALLyyy going to miss you, and I am REEAALLYY jealous you are going to see steph. remember I haven't seen her for even LONGER than you haven't seen her..

  4. and i SECOND what steph said.

  5. so....i guess brooke didn't reschedule? it's still set for the 9th...I got my invite. too bad! i reaaaaallly wanted to go...but the invites are cute!


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