"One and Done" May Or May Not Have Been The Right Title For This Blog. [UPDATED]

There are five definitions on UrbanDictionary.com for "One and done", and only the last one is [slightly] [remotely] [relatively] relevant to our blog title, and it is written with such wretched grammar and spelling that it completely invalidates its own definition through stupidity.  Nevertheless, here they all are:

1. A term used in sports to describe a team's performance in the playoffs when they win their first round game but lose in the second round.
The Seahawks may have beaten the Saints in the wild card round, but they're gonna be one and done when they lose to the Bears in the divisional round.

2. To become extremely intoxicated after only one alcoholic beverage.
Chris: Why is Meghan ALREADY acting so DRUNK????
Dan: Yeah. She's always "one and done." 
(I wish I was making this up...)

3. A highly popular term, used by a kid named Steve, that translates to a quickie. [content removed...don't look it up.] Faking your way through a relationship so that you can [sleep with someone] and LEAVE. Good night!
"One and done! GOODBYE. NEXT! Movin' along." -Steve (not used in a real-life situation)

4. Having only one child and not wanting any more.
Mary: So when are you all going to have more kids?
Carol: Are you kidding? We are so one and done.

5. When one tries to do something once and that is all that is needed, or when one simple performs a task once and it is complete. This can be used when playing sports and you only win by one score [who wrote this definition? Did they not ever take a freshman English writing class?].  Aswell [sic] as when you go to a fast food restrant [sic] that often makes mistakes with your order, but thay [sic] get it right the first time.  It is a statement or decliration [sic] stateing [sic] that you only had to try something once and then the task was completed requireing [sic] no more effort.
Tom: "don't [sic] you have to call work and tell them you wont [sic] be in?"
Tony "I all ready [sic] did, one and done"
Tom "Out of sight" [what does this even have to do with the conversation?  What does it mean?  Where did it come from? Where is it going? What will happen to it when the author dies?]

Wow.  The one definition that might have done us good was the ONLY ONE that rendered itself completely unusable by reason of atrocious grammar and spelling.  The rest are so completely far from what we intended for this blog that it's just too funny.  I mean, you can't make this stuff up.
So, I did what any reasonable person with an inaccurately-worded blog title would do: I created an account at UrbanDictionary.com and made up another definition so I could still use it for my blog.  Somehow it helps knowing that this usage of the the term "one and done" is now legitimized by a sleazy site used mostly for understanding sexual puns and references.

The OFFICIAL* Definition of "One And Done", From UrbanDictionary.com

One and done: a long-term monogamous relationship between husband and wife, in which one man and one woman, never previously married, wed and stay wedded until the day they die, come hell, high water, or anything in between.  Also, an extreme commitment between husband and wife.  See LDS Temple Marriage for more information.
Tim: "Dani, I'm so glad we've decided to be "one and done," so that we can stay committed to each other for the rest of our lives.  
Dani: "That's right, Tim.  We will never get a divorce, so long as we both shall live.  In fact, according to LDS doctrine, we will stay married even after we die, and become gods and goddesses!"
Tim: "One and done, you've saved our marriage!"

*This is assuming, of course, that UrbanDictionary accepts my definition as legitimate despite its blatant and obvious references to the Church.  Hey, if it gets through, chalk one more up for the good side, eh?  

UrbanDictionary.com has accepted my definition of "one and done." This means two things:

1. My blog is now valid.

2. Their screening process for what gets on their website is horrible (let's face it--the definitions that were already up were horrible, and mine was clearly religiously biased...in a good way, of course, but still biased), so you should never trust their definitions.  It could have been written by a 6 year-old.


  1. hahahaha! that's hilarious, dani! at school, kids say some stuff that i don't understand. i look it up on urban dictionary and EVERYTIME i feel like i need to take a bath after.

    you crack me up!

  2. Good one, Da--HEY! Chels, you totally stole my line! Jerk.

  3. Dani, you're soo creative. I LOVE the last definition! It sounds like your name "one and done" is perfect!


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